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Welcome We are a Web Development Agency Located right across the river from NYC.

17 Web Dev professionally builds user friendly websites so that visitors want to come back again and again. Building an effective website requires many different types of techniques, strategies and the best resources available.

When a client employs 17 Web Dev, they can expect a product that will drive customers to their website on a regular basis, keeping them engaged while there. We make sure all of our products are well designed and easy to navigate. We take advantage of numerous resources, tools and strategies to build a site that is efficient and well liked by our clients.

Services We Build Websites & Mobile Apps

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Web Design & Development

Our certified web developers design and build a variety of websites for our clients. We have experience in creating personal, corporate, ecommerce, educational, and financial sites. Ranging from single landing pages to websites built around entire databases, our developers truly have diverse portfolios.

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Custom & Templated Designs for Multiple Platforms

We build completely custom or templated websites. Custom websites can be created using frameworks, plugins and API integration. Our team builds websites that can be scaled for all platforms and viewed on every device.

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iOS & Android Mobile Applications

The mobile app market has been booming as companies race to integrate themselves into the iOS, Android, and Google app stores. Whether you are an individual with a brilliant app idea, or a corporation looking to add your services to the devices of your users, our team helps you build your platform efficiently and affordably.

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Projects Website Development Work

Short Term Stow

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Tampa Solar Provider

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University Review LLC.

Team We are lucky to have talented individuals

All of our Web Developers are certified in the latest coding languages.

James SullivanCEO
Head of Operations &
Lead Back-End Developer
Steven DeLeon
Client Relationships Manager &
Lead Front-End Developer
Vivek Dharmani
SEO Specialist &
iOS & Android Mobile App Developer

Most Common Programming Languages We Use

HTML 5/Bootstrap
Ruby on Rails
CSS 3/Skeleton

Additional Services We manage your tech, so your energy can be spent growing your business.


CTO's for Hire

    Our team can be hired as the CTO of your company or will take on individual projects outsourced by your tech team.

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Website and Server Maintenance

    We will maintain all of your website needs. Whether updates are needed weekly, monthly, or yearly, we will make sure your technology is always live, up to date and running smoothly.

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User Traffic Tracking Analysis

    We use technology to track user traffic and demographics. We can apply this to a website we built for you or your existing one. Depending on what type of data you choose to be displayed, we can create monthly or yearly reports using D3.js.

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SEO Work

    Not only do we provide top of the line web and mobile app development work. We also provide SEO development so the fantastic looking website you just had built can now be one of the top hits on every major search engine.

For custom price, please contact us at:

Amazing Features Well Rounded Developers

Web Maintance
Database Development
Clean & Organized Code
Website Securitiy
Logo Design
Mobile App Development
Helpful Customer Support

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1 Journal Square Plaza, Jersey City, NJ 07306

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