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At 17 Web Dev everything we do is unique, including how we book our projects. We only take a maximum of two projects a month. This allows us to focus on your company and brand. So contact us to get on our calendar in the near future.


"I had no idea what to expect and thought I would need to be involved in each step of the website's creation. Was I wrong! I had an initial telephone conversation with James and found that he really listened to every word I said. He asked the right questions and took the website in exactly the direction that I wanted. He obviously had a better idea of what I was thinking than I did! I can't speak highly enough of James and 17 Web Dev. A very talented group of individuals."

-Kathy - Tropcial Bowl Cafe

They did great job translating my vision and were attentive, professional and responsive throughout the project. Also, their location was very easy to get to from Manhattan. Just a quick ride on the Path.

-Alex - Short Term Stow

booked until:

June 2018