Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force

Website Design & Development

What is CBRTF?

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force (CBRTF) is an independent global crypto & blockchain professional trade association.

Included Features

Wordpress Website Development
PDF Upload and Download
Slick Scroll Navbar
Newsletter sign up
Contact forms

What we had to accomplish

Cryptocurrency & Regulatory Task Force (CBRTF) came to 17 Web Dev looking for a WordPress website to kickstart their online presence. CBRTF needed a website that was modern and simple but also filled with enough information to get their mission across to their new users. We built them a website with the ability to scale as their company grows.
Founded by several lawyers, CBRTF is looking to regulate the ever-growing cryptocurrency and blockchain space. With new tokens popping up weekly, an agency built on trust, transparency, and community needs to be built to regulate, approve and inform users, developers and investors in the space; hence the birth of CBRTF.