Forest Founders


Forest Founders is a non-profit environmental organization that aims to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by planting trees on behalf of its users and spreading eco-awareness through its monthly subscriptions service. 17 Web Dev was tasked with designing a responsive web app, as well as a custom referral system and personalized dashboard to track environmental impact analytics.

17 Web Dev built a web application with a React.js frontend, a Node.js backend, and a Google Firebase database for scaling. Beyond creating a custom designed front-end with hand drawn vector illustrations for each page, we built a customer reward points system that integrates with Forest Founders’ credit card processor and triggers points after confirming payment. We also created a custom subscription program integrated with Shopify’s API. Using Web-hooks, we added products to our rewards program, connected them to individual user profiles, and built a backend database for registered accounts. Our users can track how many trees we’ve planted for them and what carbon impact they’ve had.


Months for Development


Days for Research & Design


User Interviews

Tools & Languages

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The Problem

People want to make a positive change to the environment but lack the knowledge and resources to do so.

User Research

Four individuals who fit the Forest Founders demographic were chosen and interviewed providing 17 Web Dev with qualitative insights to drive the design direction.

Art Direction

75% of all Forest Founder's competitors are using large, high-resolution photos as hero images and clickable components. In an effort to stand out as a unique organization, we collectively decided on pursuing a more illustration based artisitc style to grab people's attention.


In our interviews, people expressed that while they were conscious that minor changes can add up to big inpacts, they felt that their small contributions didn't actually amount to a significant change.

One person in particular stated-

"I think my ability to make a difference or make change happen is pretty low"

Personalized Dashboard

Track your impact, invite your friends and redeem points for merchandise

Custom Referral System

17 Web dev developed a referral system where people can invite their friends, earn points and then redeem them for prizes

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