Web Application Development

What is Forest Founders?

Forest Founders is a Non-Profit, subscription-based, tree planting organization. Through a number of monthly subscribers, Forest Founders plants trees and allows users to track the number of trees planted to offset their carbon footprint.

Included Features

Font-end React.js Development
Back-end Node.js
Firebase Database Structure and Development
Integrated Shopify Webhooks
Custom Rewards Points

What we had to accomplish

We are building a web application with a React.js frontend, a Node.js backend, and a Google Firebase database for scaling. Beyond creating an ordinary page, We have built a customer reward points system that integrates with our credit card processor and triggers points after confirming payment. We created a custom subscription program for this application and user base.
We were also tasked with integrating the system with the Shopify API. Using Webhooks, we added products to their rewards program, connected them to individual user profiles, and built a backend database for registered accounts. Their users can track how many trees Forest Founders has planted for them and what carbon impact they’ve had. Forest Founders is looking to launching in the next one to two months.