It's an Honor.

For the past few years, our team has worked with many different companies, helping them reach new customers and drive their online sales performance. We are excited to announce that we are starting off the new year with another claim to fame. Recently, we have been included among the leading app development companies and UX designers on


Clutch is a third party reviews site that provides rankings of B2B service providers all over the world based on their expertise in their industries. Our inclusion in the Clutch database signifies how far we have come as a company and is a terrific milestone for our team. When reviewing our firm, the Clutch team received the feedback from our previous partners when providing us a ranking, and based our position on their website on our ability to deliver to our clients.


We have our first review on our profile, and we’re incredibly excited to share our client’s positive comments on their experience working with 17 Web Dev:


When working with our partners, our team is committed to providing the best services that allow our partners to grow their businesses online and enter new markets effectively. It is our dedication to our clients’ success that has earned us a spot on Clutch and has allowed us to contend with the best agencies in the world.


The Clutch database serves as a tool to help companies sort through the top service providers in the world in an efficient manner, and find a reliable partner while simultaneously allowing these companies a clear insight in where they fit in their industry.


Almost all companies have some form of online presence, and it’s essential for companies to have the right tools to stand out in the online marketplace. Our team utilizes the power of quality web applications to help our clients make the best out of their investment online. We are excited to take on new projects and clients in the new year, and look forward to seeing how far we can move up the Clutch ranks in the future!

17 Web Dev is a website, mobile app & software development agency. Our team is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. We develop full-stack websites, mobile apps, and native applications, working with clients from concept to production.


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