What they don't tell you.

Where do I even begin? I would say starting your own company is best described by Elon Musk, who infamously said: “Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss.”

Pretty accurate Mr. Musk…pretty damn accurate. It’s a quote I’ve kept close to me during this process, it reminds me that it is not glamorous like everyone seems to believe. It is one of the most painstaking, exhausting, and chaotic experiences I’ve ever signed up for.

However, it is also the most self-rewarding and exhilarating experience at the exact same time. With complete control of the day to day operations and long-term visions, every day I continue to forge my own path and there is no ONE right way to do so.

Without a formal higher education (college degree), I quickly had to become a student of autodidacticism (a fancy word I found on google for self-teaching). Diving head first into 80 hour work weeks and curating the perfect “dad bod.”

I started 17 Web Dev, a website, mobile app & software development agency. We utilize and create software for the most cutting-edge products in the tech sector.

A few tips that I suggest
(and have paid off)

Invest in solid legal documents:

It’s a pain to spend money on something you assume you’ll never have to use. However, if someone decides to do you dirty, you’ll be so glad you have them.


Fail early, often, and inexpensively:

As cliche as it sounds, get all of your growing pains out of the way as early as possible. Down the line, your mistakes will be company expenses you may not be able to afford.


Start with a client base:

I started my agency off the back of four people who wanted me to build them websites.

To summarize, as much as people think that being your own boss means as much vacation time as you want, it is far from the truth. Be prepared to take very little vacation time, if any at all. Get ready for a strenuous 80 hour work week (minimum) and have the most beautiful love-hate relationship with your company. In the end, if you obsess over it as much as I have, it’ll be the most rewarding accomplishment and the short-term pain will be worth it for a career doing what you love.


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