You may be wondering what the hell a web app is? You’ve definitely heard of a website, a website is where you read that article on the latest Kardashian news. Well, a web app is similar, just with more core functionality. Whether you know it or not, you interact with them every day and for many of you, they are the most commonly used sites. 

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Let’s Start with Websites

Websites are informational and web apps are interactive. Websites are called static because the content remains the same each and every time a visitor accesses it. Compared to the Dot Com era, modern websites have become much more intricate in design because of languages like CSS and JavaScript. Though websites have changed in functionality over the course of time, the concept is still the same – it provides a user with information and is a prominent tool for marketing. Some common websites used today are CNN, People, and Apple.

On to Web Apps

A web app is just like any other software or mobile application, however, it is catered to users over the internet and used in the browser. Unlike websites, they provide more functionalities and features. Some common web applications used today are Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack and Airbnb. All these web apps serve a purpose and provide utilities such as interaction, communication, and entertainment. Key features to look for when distinguishing between a website and web application are

  • User sign-in/profile edit
  • Ability to upload and save information
  • Interactive user feed page.

Advanced Settings
(Progressive Web Apps)

A progressive web app (PWA) is one of the latest technology innovations when it comes to web apps. A PWA is when a mobile website feels like a native mobile app in your browser. The PWA aims to bring native-like experience to users of all platforms and all devices. At the same time, it allows users to skip app store browsing and installation. Technically this is just another tab in your browser, but it has quick access right from the home screen and smooth app-like interactions, and it can work without an internet connection. The progressive web app has a simple structure. It consists of the app shell (which is HTML, CSS and JavaScript code) and the changing content. The app shell is cached on the device of the user and can be loaded immediately. The content is the dynamic part, it changes and is refreshed every time connection with the internet is established. Some common progressive web apps are AliExpress, Twitter Lite, Forbes and Pinterest.


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